leet speak is a form of online communication replacing latin letters with numbers and punctuation marks.The word leet can be rendered in many ways using this writing technique including but not limited to,l33t,1337and !33t.

origins Edit

The term leet is a shortened and mispelled version of the word elite,this term was originaly an adjective to describe a person who was a productive and elite member of a group(ie,he is leet.This was a common term used by hackers but eventually came to refer mostly to gamers who were "elite" players on an mmorpg.

At some point the letter three was used to spell this word in place of e's,this may have happened as the 3 and E keys are directly diagonal on a qwerty keyboard and so could have been the work of a typo.This new spelling "L33T" began to refer genericly to any word spelt with numbers and leetspeak was born.

Examples of leetspeakEdit

Possible letters Edit

A Edit

@ (at symbol)

B Edit

I3 (capital i, number three)

N Edit

I\I (capital i, slash, capital i)

T Edit

7 (number seven)

+ (plus sign)

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